Toyota Forklifts


We have a huge selection of models available, all supplied with warranties and ready to be delivered.
We also offer old refurbished and high quality ex-Rental machines sourced from our long – and short term rental fleets.

" The 8-Series 1.8-8.0 tonne forklift range from Toyota expands with the availability of a breed of high-performance forklifts for an ever-demanding market. A triumph of advanced technology and an ongoing commitment to improving productivity, this forklift features a safe and solid design and stability that inspires reliability and job confidence."

8 - Series Petrol/ LPG Gas forklift

  • 1.8-8.0 t loading capacity

  • Models 32-8FG18 / 32-8FGJ35 / 8FG50N

  • 2stage - 3stage mast

  • 3m - 6.5m lifting height

  • Solid tyres

  • 4Y,1FS Engine

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8 - series Diesel Forklift

  • 1.8-8.0 t loading capacity

  • Model 62-8FD18 / 72-8FDJ35 / 8FD80N

  • 2stage - 3stage mast

  • 3m - 6.5m lifting height

  • Solid tyres

  • 1DZ,2Z,14Z, Engine

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8 - Series Electric Forklift

  • 1.5-3.5 t loading capacity

  • Models 8FBN15-30/ 7FBJ35

  • Solid tyres

  • Battery charger

  • Engine fully electric

  • Efficient systems leading to longer operation times.

  • Diverse options to meet your needs.

  • Environmental consciousness.

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Reach Trucks

6 - Series Reach Truck

  • 1.2 - 2.0 Tonne

  • Intelligent Micro-controller provides precise, proportional steering, travel and load handling response.

  • Micro-processor based metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) for drive and lift motors.

  • Multi-user programmable performance increases productivity.

Toyota 6-series Electric Reach Trucks designed for the comfort and convenience of an ergonomically designed operator compartment.

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7 - Series Reach Truck

  • 1.0 - 1.8 Tonne

  • The compact andpowerful AC-drive motor provides smooth starts without jerky accelerator operation.

  • Since the AC motorhas no bushes or contactors it has minimal maintenence, saving you time and money.

  • Power select function allows customization of load and travel.

Providing 25% longer operation, Toyota's 7-series reach truck comes complete with an AC power system as well as traction and brake control to maximize stability. There is an optimum power balance in this device, due to the battery and power selection used.

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Tow Trucks

Compact towing Trucks CBT4, CBT6 and CBTY4

  • Tranisistor control system offer smooth acceleration and improved battery efficiency.

  • Three whel platform and short wheel base provide a tight turning circle for maximum manoeuvrability and control in confined environments.

  • Cargo rack allows operators to securely place packages onto the rear of the vehicle (CBT4.6 only).

Compact towing tractors CBT4 CBT6 (sit down type) and the CBTY4 (stand up type), enable easy long distance transportation of large quantities of materials and provide operator friendly superior manoeuvrability and operability and are your powerful material handling partners in horizontal transportation.

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