Technical Support

What we offer our customers

We fully back up all our products and services and attend to breakdowns for both external and rental customers within the least possible reaction time.

  • Full Spares back – up

    We offer genuine spares and tyres for all major forklifts brands, pallet trolleys to name a few .We are proud of our strong relations with spares suppliers in Japan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

  • Field service

    Our mobile field service teams carry out scheduled field service and general field repairs. The field team is available 24/7.

  • Full service workshop facility

    We have a forklift service centre were all our major jobs are done such as :

    • Engines and Transmission overhauls.

    • Scheduled services to major forklift overhauls.

    • Forklift refurbishments.

    • Repairs and maintenance for both engine units and electric or battery powered units.

  • Qualified staff

    Our team leaders are fully trained and qualified Toyota Forklift technicians and are class one Journey persons. Our workshop mechanics are a mixture of skilled and semi-skilled personnel with quite lengthy experience in the material handling equipment industry.

Our technical team is a tried and tested team in this business. We have the capacity and capability to reach any height with respect forklift servicing , maintenance and major repairs. Get in touch NOW!

Forklift driver training

We believe skilled and motivated drivers not only increase productivity, but operate more safely in-order to reduce risk of damaging stock, equipment or injuring other people. We offer to fully train and equip your driver with necessary skills to drive and maintain your forklift /equipment to the highest standard. Our complete training courses require truck operators to complete formal classroom training and practical hands-on training for 16 hours:

  • Basic theory on forklift maintenance and operation.

  • Basic practical forklift operations and maintenance routines.

  • 42 Toyota Forklift safety tips.

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