Electric Chain Hoists

Konecranes CLX and SLX chain hoists are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications. With a load range from 60 kg to 5,000 kg, they are extremely versatile.

Is equipped with pole changing dual speed motors, and speed ratio of up to 6:1.

The low speed allows for precise handling in:

  • Assembly work, mounting, and lowering fragile loads.

  • The fast speed helps to shorten production cycles and increase productivity.


Includes the latest technology for inverter-driven motors with a wide range of smart and safety features such as:

  • Extended speed range, shock load absorption, and programmable limit switches.

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Reach Stackers

Konecranes reach stackers are built to range from the nimble, compact empty container stackers to the laden container and industrial heavyweights.

We have the ideal reach stacker for your particular application.We offer a complete range of reach stackers for:

  • Empty and laden container handling, 10 to 45 tons.

  • Intermodal handling, 41 to 45 tons.

  • Barge handling, 45 tons,

  • Industrial handling, 35 to 80 tons.

  • Technology that's smarter where it matters.

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