Hoppecke Batteries

Realisation of 8 hours charging time. May be retrofitted with trak® air.
Battery tray with robust plastic coating. Assignment of system-optimised charging equipment. Implementation of charging programs for battery conditioning. If you wish to minimise investment costs and make optimal use of your budget, while still having the benefit of a top-quality system, then the trak basic system is the ideal solution for you! The Trak® basic is a system with long life expectancy, comprising a high-quality HOPPECKE traction battery combined with the most suitable and efficient charger. For the user, it is a system with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Forklift Battery Chargers

The extensive line of modular, high-frequency chargers represents the future of motive power innovation. They offer advanced scalability, redundant power, simplified service, and maximum flexibilty to enhance your operations. Our modular smart chargers utilize our patented IONIC charge profile, as well as opportunity and patented fast charge profiles, while providing plug-and-play flexibility, eliminating possible downtime, and ensuring scalability for future power needs.

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