Hoppecke Batteries

trak® basic

  • Realisation of 8 hours charging time

  • May be retrofitted with trak® air

  • Battery tray with robust plastic coating

  • Assignment of system-optimised charging equipment

  • Implementation of charging programs for battery conditioning

If you wish to minimise investment costs and make optimal use of your budget, while still having the benefit of a top-quality system, then the trak basic system is the ideal solution for you!

The Trak® basic is a system with long life expectancy, comprising a high-quality HOPPECKE traction battery combined with the most suitable and efficient charger. For the user, it is a system with an excellent price-performance ratio.

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trak® Basic Charger

B-F15 FS Chargers

  • Automatic chargers that guarantee safe full charging of lead-acid traction batteries.

  • Quick and controlled charging of the battery.

  • Safety interruptions provided with up to 2.4 volts/cell

  • Time-controlled interruptions are also implemented

The microprocessor controls the charge by adjusting the depth of discharge from the battery. During longer rest times, the battery is kept on standby with automatic refresher charges.

The charge electronics detect slightly sulfated batteries and charge these completely by conditioning charge.

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trak® bloc

  • Maintenance free traction battery

  • Maximum energy density

  • Very good resistance to vibration

  • Excellent high-current behaviour

  • Comprehensive product range

  • Wide variety of connection options

trak® bloc is the new generation of monobloc batteries for traction and cycling applications.The compact design is ideal for all applications with limited available space. HOPPECKE trak® bloc batteries are used specifically in cleaning machines, electrical wheelchairs, electric caddies, boats and caravans.

HOPPECKE'S AGM technology, received the Innovation Award 2000, and the HOPPECKE trak® bloc system offers a high level of reliability combined with long life expectancy.

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