Hako Cleaning Equipment

Hakomatic B90

  • Direct Brush Release System (BRS) for quick changes.

  • Two powerful brush motors for an even cleaning result.

  • Low brush deck (<10cm), ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles.

  • Compact, low maintenance drive unit.

Scrubber drier for efficient wet cleaning of medium sized and large areas. Simple handling, innovative technology and high performance ensure perceptibly better working and low running costs.

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Profi Flipper

  • Effective Manual Sweeper.

  • Works ten times faster than a broom.

  • Easy removal of dirt hopper.

  • Extremely low maintainance.

Manually operated sweeper for small areas from as 100 - 200 m2. Collects dirt automatically. Indestructible container made of plastic with carrying handle and built-in dirt chute.

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Hakomatic 1800LPG

  • Powerful, full hydraulic combined sweeper-scrubber with high dump emptying function up to 152cm.

  • In one passage dust-free sweeping, excellent scrubbing and drying.

  • Environmental friendly LPG drive for indoor operation.

  • Optional available as petrol or diesel driven version.

Extremely powerful and robust combined power sweeper and scrubber drier for large areas. Liquid gas drive for continuous use.

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Hakomatic B1100

  • Combined sweeper-scrubber: one passage only for three operations: dust-free sweeping + excellent scrubbing + drying.

  • High comfort due to custom-tailored program solutions (e.g. brush and water stop upon machine stop) and the green Hakomatic button.

  • Easy maintenance by means of the diagnosis system.

  • Options for more economical use: Cleaning agents dosage system, retractable side scrubbing unit for working close to walls and shortest start-up or shut-down times due to automatic water filling and simple tank cleaning.

Intensive wet cleaning and dry vacuuming in one operation. Pre-sweep, water recycling system, cleaning agent dosage system, side scrubbing unit.

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Jonas 1500

  • Variety of vehicle fuel options: gasoline, LPG, diesel, battery.

  • Easy to service: driver’s platform can be pivoted up completely enabling easy access for maintenance and daily service work.

  • Patented ABBA system for automatic adaptation of the waste container to the wear of the brush so that the container is filled completely.

  • Efficient filter cleaning through the patented R²S resonance system.

  • Short training requirements and user-friendly.

The Hako Jonas 1500 fulfils all requirements with regard to economical, industrial use of a vacuum sweeper.

Powerful motors, diverse drive systems, a powerful sweeping unit and a highly efficient filter system, make the Hako Jonas 1500 a machine, which can be used universally for almost every sweeping task.

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