Flexi Euro AC

  • Full 1700kgs capacity at 600mm load centres including sideshift

  • Independent 1.8 kW power steering motor for maximum energy saving

  • Latest Zapi AC drive technology for low battery usage and service costs

  • Chassis only 1.0 metre wide for easy stacking and optimum travel speed in aisle

Flexi EURO was designed to provide the maximum level of storage density. It has a unique 1000mm wide chassis, plus narrower front axle. It is Capable of working in just 1600mm (Euro) or 1700mm (ISO) aisles.

Provinding an economical solution for low bay warehouses, where a compact articulated forklift truck is more suited.

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Flexi G4 AC

  • Full 2000 kgs capacity at 600mm load centres

  • Zapi AC drive technology saves battery power

  • Works inside very narrow aisles

  • Independent 1.8kW power steering motor for maximum energy saving

  • Lift heights up to 10.5 metres in minimum stacking aisle

Europe’s most popular articulated forklift truck At the heart of the Flexi G4 concept is a commitment to operator safety and handling efficiency that combine to make Flexi G4 the most complete and compelling articulated forklift truck currently available.

The Flexi G4 doesn’t require any extra clearance between the floor and the first pallet rack beam, to account for the reach truck stabilising legs.

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  • Specially developed for lifting ISO and EURO pallets to over 10.5 metres

  • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor and ‘whisper’ pumps for low energy usage.

  • Heavy duty double deck 2.5 Tonne articulation system

  • Full 2.5 Tonnes at 600mm load centres lift capacity<

  • Zapi AC technology means reduced maintenance costs

  • Ideal for industrial customers who want to save storage space and increase pallet throughput

Flexi EURO HiLoad offers a choice of chassis widths of 1250mm, 1350mm and 1400mm.It has independent 1.8kW power steering for safe low noise hydraulic steering

The HiLoad offers unique ‘HiVIS’ heavy duty lift mast and unique ‘HiVIS’ twin post safety headguard.

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Flexi Himax

  • Taking the Flexi concept to over 12m lift heights.

  • Engineering for high lift capacity.

  • Safe, efficient operation is at the heart of the Flexi HiMAX articulated truck

  • Features such as CCTV with LCD screen allow operators to stack safely at over 12m

Flexi Himax offers independent 1.8kW power steering for safe low noise hydraulic steering

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